• Vicki Farrar

  • Founder, Chief Legal & IP Officer, Director,
    Catheter Connections
  • Founded in 2008, Catheter Connections (“CathConn”) develops products to help prevent bloodstream infections during infusion therapy. It is a local, home-grown company. Seven products have launched throughout the country, including in Intermountain Healthcare hospitals. Ms. Farrar has held several positions in the Company, initially as CEO in charge of managing the Company and setting its strategic goals, now focusing on protecting its most significant asset – its large patent portfolio that has successfully provided CathConn with the exclusivity required to become a market leader. Ms. Farrar has close to 40 years of experience as an attorney representing and developing strategic IP plans for companies in the medical device and pharmaceutical fields. The first half of her career was spent working in large international law firms (D.C., Colorado and California), while the second half has been devoted to growing local start-up companies. Starting Catheter Connections is her the most challenging and exciting venture in her career to date.


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