• BioUtah has been keeping a close watch on how the Governor and the State Legislature plan to move forward with UtahAccess+, the medicaid expansion plan especially their recommendations on to fund the plan.  The Governor and Utah State Legislature have unveiled the latest medicaid expansion.  The plan includes expansion of medicaid up to 138% of poverty as envisioned in the Governor’s original Healthy Utah plan but UtahAccess+ pays for the State match with an assessment on provider groups.  These provider groups include hospitals and doctors as well as a gross receipts tax on durable medical equipment, medical suppliers and drug manufacturers.  Although a bill has not yet been released with the more specific details, they have presented an outline of the plan and financial assessment (You can see those details here).

    The legislative Health Reform Task Force met on Tuesday, October 6th to further discuss the plan and take public comment. Kelly Slone, President of BioUtah , along with other member companies, represented the life science industry. Read her testimony here