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    Utah’s life sciences industry is growing, with increasing demand for skilled professionals. The Medical Innovations Pathways program provides high school students with the skills required to open the door to incredible career opportunities with many of Utah’s life sciences companies. Students who complete the program receive a Medical Innovations Certificate and are guaranteed an interview with any of the industry partner companies. Skills developed in the program include two distinct sectors:

    The Medical Innovations Pathways program offers specialized courses and practical work experience to help students develop the skills needed by Utah’s most elite medical device and laboratory testing companies.The Medical Innovations Pathways empowers students to:

    • Build a rewarding career
    • Improve and save lives
    • Gain hands-on experience
    • Earn above market wages, excellent benefits
    • Receive potential tuition support for a college degree

    Graduate with a Medical Innovations Pathways (MIP) certificate and qualify for entry-level positions at our industry partner organizations.