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  • Business Issues Committee

    Purpose & Objectives: Focused on tax, IP, and legal issues impacting the LS industry; this committee includes company's general and legal councils and other interested parties.

    Time commitment:


    Investor Advisory Committee

    Purpose and Objectives: Work with BioUtah and government leaders to identify the gaps/needs needed to grow Utah’s life science industry.  Develop short-term as well as a long-term cohesive plan that addresses these needs and provides the right incentives for increased investment in Utah life science companies.

    Time commitment:  Approximately two hours a month by participating in monthly meetings/calls. 


    Legislative Policy Committee

    Purpose and Objectives: BioUtah is the state’s leading advocate for advancing Utah’s life science industry.  The Legislative Policy Committee brings experience and knowledge to proactively address public policy affecting small, medium and large life science companies at the state and federal level.  The Committee develops and makes recommendations regarding BioUtah’s annual policy priorities.  The Committee also provides oversight for legislation, assesses the impact of policy on our members and recommends effective responses of support or opposition.  Additionally, it helps develop position papers, write letters, testify before committees, participate in legislative meetings and/or take part in grassroots calls to action. 

    Time commitment:  Approximately two hours a month with the possibility of additional time during the state legislative session.  Monthly meetings/calls are scheduled the third Thursday of each month at 3pm and weekly meetings/calls during the state legislative session. 

    Additional Requirements: You must be a member of BioUtah.


    Regulatory, Compliance & Quality Committee

    Purpose and Objectives: Assists in identifying pertinent regulatory and compliance related topics and providing relevant educational events to keep the industry informed.

    Time Commitment: Approximately two hours a month.  Monthly meetings/calls are scheduled the first Thursday of odd months at 12:00pm


    Summit Steering Committee

    Purpose and Objectives: Assist in planning, organizing, ad execution of BioUtah’s annual summit.

    Time commitment: Planning begins in March, 9 months before the Summit which will be held in autumn  The committee meets once monthly until 2 months out, then as needed.  Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of the month at 10 am in the BioUtah offices.  Members will also be able to call in. 


    Talent Development, Recruitment and Retention Committee

    Purpose and Objectives: Work collaboratively with GOED to identify the specific gaps and needs of Utah’s life science industry and develop a comprehensive plan that addresses these needs. 

    Time commitment: Approximately two hours a month by participating in monthly meetings/calls.