• BioUtah Member Discount for New Life Science Specific MBA

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    The Center for Medical Innovation and the Business School have partnered to create a new Life Science Specific MBA offering.  The content is very unique and the  educational program is designed specifically to teach Life Science Industry executives and start-ups the industry unique pieces of operating within the space. The curriculum can be taking as a standalone executive education program or as part of an MBA track.  The board that you were on helped design the curriculum and included C-levels from Bard, BD, Stryker and Edwards.  In ongoing discussions since that meeting,  these industry leaders noted the program will be critical for employee development and a future prerequisite for bringing on new talent for some of the represented companies.  In part, because we want to grow the Utah Life Science industry and  because our board members were involved in the curriculum development and several have agreed to speak in the “current Topics” seminar segment we are offing a discount to BioUtah companies.  We are marketing this nationally and will begin the program on January 14th.   Below is the link  to the website.


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